Shoe Repair, Recrafting and Resoling in NYC - Cesars Shoe Repair

We know how to alter your fashion boots

At Cesar's Shoe Repair, we have some of the very few craftsmen around who understand how to alter a fashion boot.  Most shops are not trained for this painstaking task and cannot dedicate the time to do it properly.  At Cesar's, customizing boots is one of our specialities:

Our Services:

  • Cut down boot
  • Stretch boot across the calf
  • Replace elastic across the top of the boot
  • Alter boot to taper to your specific size
  • Extend boot to wrap around your leg
  • Replaces zipper
  • Replace heels
  • Cut heels

Please call us at ?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE /--> 212-961-6119  to make an appointment for a fitting.  You will not be disappointed!